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Former WV Secretary of State Helen Holt, SOS Natalie Tennant and Ken Hechler meet at the National Association of Secretaries of State at Glade Springs July 2011.

Ken Hechler billboard Kanawha City, Charleston, August 2011. Sponsored by EarthJustice.org

Ken Hechler and Clark Clifford Special Counsel to President Truman

Ken with Jim Hightower. Jim spoke at the recent WV Environmental Council's 20th anniversary meeting in Charleston, prior to his keynote at the ACLU.

Ken with Jim Hightower and Janet Keating (OVEC) in the middle.

With Kathy Mattea at a recent Anti-MountainTop removal press conference in Charleston

With Mimi Pickering of Appalshop Films

Ken with Landon Brown

This photo was taken by Ken's cousin Jane Pearson of Betheseda,MD. i n front of the trunk which carried my great grandfather and his family (Gottfried Hechler,) including my grandfather, George R. Hechler, across the Atlantic from their home in Schwalgery, Germany in 1854. The Goffried Hechler and family first settled in Harmony, a suburb of Marietta, Ohio.

Ken as a newly-minted 2nd Lieutenant

Student at Swarthmore College, 1934

April 2007 Vanity Fair Article on Truman to Clinton. White House staffs. (Left ro right) Milton Kayle, George M. Elsey and Ken Hechler.

From a visit to the University of Missouri at Kansas City

2007 photo

2007 photo

During the spring months of 1958, when I first filed for election to the U.S. House of Representatives, organized labor had endorsed the favored Democratic candidate, Tom Harvey, and both the news media, my fellow political science faculty members at Marshall plus all the political leaders, including Matt Reese and Bob McDonough were supporting Harvey . The customary tactics of all politicians in a primary election was to go to the political leaders and special interest groups to solicit their support. For the first time in West Virginia political history, I was the first candidate who went to the average people to empower them and convince them they could make a difference. This photo, unposed, symbolizes the joyful reaction of a truck driver when I shook his hand. Thatís why I won the August 5th primary despite bought counties like Lincoln County where I refused to buy the election in those counties. - Ken Hechler

"Calling it boloney!" Ken Hechler characterizes statement by West Virginia Medical Association in address to 10,000 coal miners at Charleston Civic Center, 1969.

With Neal Armstrong

With Paul Nuchims, a former tennis partner

Texas radio commentator, Jim Hightowwer
with Ken Hechler, at an earlier event.

Ken with civil rights activist, Joan C. Browning




Ken Hechler